Are You Ready To Experience The Full Power Of Instant Teleseminars, Simulcasting,
And Instant Success?

Finally, a comprehensive, easy to use, down-to-a-science answer to mega-profitable events that kick your online moneymaking efforts into high gear.

All you need is a prospect or customer list... and you're instantly building increased trust, added responsiveness... and driving profits sky high!

Dear Online Profit Seeker,

You're staring down the barrel of an online conversion crisis that will...

  • Slaughter the earnings of dozens of dinosaur marketers who only know email marketing...

  • Decimate once responsive lists with unsubscribe requests from listless subscribers looking for more connection...

  • Force marketers out of the 'status quo' and into complementary mediums of communicating... because their list demands it...

  • Trigger the biggest "changing of the guard" ever seen in Internet Marketing... changing fortunes and creating a massive land-grab the forward thinking will plunder.

Here's the problem. Competition for prospects attention in emails has grown five fold in the last year. Nowadays my friends say conversion rates are plummeting... some are down over 37%! And it's only going to get worse.

How can you beat odds like that?

Clearly, now more than ever, relationships rule. But if you have a list of subscribers... how do you become more tangible and trusted?

Sure, you'll see more tricky gimmicks. You're going to see whole new tactics spring up.

And unfortunately these dramatic developments will take out a few of the popular "gurus" who were really just "one trick ponies".

And sure, many second tier marketers are in an absolute panic to put a band-aid on a sinking ship and convince themselves "things will return to normal."

But if you count on them to train you how to avoid the melt-down... and they don't use this secret... you'll get a bill of goods and wash-out along with them.

The truth is... the solution to the conversion crisis is being used by elite marketers everyday. It's cheap, it's proven, and it doesn't take a genius to master...


Wow, Instant Telesemeninars is awesome. I do 2-3 teleseminars per week and this is going to make our teleseminars at least twice as profitable. The best part about the service is the webcast component which will greatly increase attendance on my calls. It's easy to use and it is going to make conducting teleseminars much easier for me and my staff to do--especially with the replay capability. Thanks.

Charles W. Petty II


I've used the service once so far and it was incredible easy to use. I love the service. I plan to do a lot more teleseminars now that it's so easy. Thanks.

John Kremer, author

"1001 Ways to Market Your Books"


I just held my first Instant Teleseminar and it was a huge success. I set it up in minutes, promoted it for a couple of days and wound up with participants from all over the country. What fun!! My next one is in two days and and I'm just getting started.

Chris Kammer DDS


InstantTeleseminar is fabulous. I used the system for the 3rd session on my teleseminar "Your Secret of Success" -- it was a dream come true. For Session 1, I scrounged to get the software and hardware to record and worried the whole time I was presenting, only to lose the whole recording. For Session 2, I succeeded in capturing the recording but then had to figure out how to get that recording on my website. Then along comes InstantTeleseminar, just at the right moment. I had a recording immediately after the Session ended. There was very little to learn and the system has a lot of power that I haven't even incorporated -- such as the instant question aspect. I am so thankful for this product. It's the right thing at the right time for the right price. Thank you!

Jacquie Hale Success Coach


Your List Eats From
The Hand That Feeds Them...
Is It Yours?

My name is Rick Raddatz, former Microsoft Insider.

You can have the greatest technology in the world, but if it doesn't take your marketing to the next level... it's a dud. Obviously any successful marketer agrees that marketing drives profits. Agreed?

That's why my company Xiosoft marries technology to proven marketing strategies. That means creating products any man (or woman) can use to get leverage, exploit their online market, and hit the fast lane to profits. Especially if they work alone.

I'm best known for creating super-easy to use software that makes everyday online marketing tasks a breeze.

Tens of thousands of happy users will attest to it.

But this could top them all.

It all began when I met a man named David Lawrence. David specializes in creating the highest traffic Internet servers on the planet. (In case you don't know, servers supply the webs computing power.) In truth, one of his servers set a record in September of 2000. It pumped out 2 terabytes of data in a single day. That's 2,097,152 megabytes!

When Yahoo! needed an expert to solve their performance bottlenecks... they called David.

The point is, David is the go-to guy if you're creating something big. And you can rest assured, its trouble free and infinitely scalable.

So, what's that mean to you?

Simple. When you put marketing smart, easy to use software together with infinite scalability, you get breakthrough solutions you could never outgrow.

Together, we're revolutionizing a way to distinguish you from the loud clang of constant marketing noise. If you're interested in doubling, tripling, even quadrupling your marketing take... read on.

The Secret To Instantly
Tripling Rapport With Your Audience


Maybe right now you're thinking "I know about teleseminars". Perhaps you're already using them. Trust me, hang in there for a few minutes and I'm going teach you a few new tricks and show you some incredible test results that will shock you to the core.

Everyone knows... email only gets you so far. A big part of your list is looking for more. Someone who can cut through the marketing noise. A closer relationship with someone like you. After all, they subscribed to your list because of you, right?

In today's online environment, the people who fail to offer "high touch" experiences with subscribers are stagnating.

Sure, you can use free teleconference services to bond with them. Go ahead, do what it takes.

But I'll show you in this very letter that they aren't all that free.

That's exactly why Xiosoft's was created.

What makes different? It's the world's ONLY Teleseminar Marketing System. And it's infinitely scalable.

Let me explain.

That means every task associated with your teleseminar is wrapped together so you have the most streamlined system imaginable. You'll chop hours off your to-do list, soak in added credibility, and I'll show you a trick to triple your attendance with some amazing technology.

It's incredibly easy to use, just like all of my products.

I decided to involve David to solve the puzzle of effective teleseminar technology that could serve up to a million people atttending a single event!

Naturally it's important to pay attention if you are dead serious about using this remarkable medium for making maximum money with minimum time and effort. And best yet, you'll never have to worry about having enough capacity.

Our studies have identified the precise tactics used by ultra-successful marketers to assure their inevitable success.


This will allow anyone to pull together a, not only professional looking, but in reality, a truly professional seminar. The bar has been set once again by Xiosoft. I have two businesses which I am putting together seminars for. One is a newly created nationwide delivery service, the second is a foundation being created to help fund Christian High Schools.

Steve Pair


Sensational service! It's da bomb, for sure, couldn't be any more professional and it's so easy to set up even my 10 year old granddaughter can do it. With over 1,000,000 real estate agents on my target list, putting together all of the specifics for multiple teleseminars/webinars, just got so much easier! Everyone should be crawling through broken glass to add this service to their marketing communications arsenal!

Ron Schmidt,


This system is just amazingly easy to use. We are about to launch our first seminars, and with this system it can be done in a matter of minutes. The service has given us a tool we will use more and more in the feature, and with the quality and easy user interface this gives us a lot more time to focus on the actual work. Thanks a lot, we will stay on "forever".

Ingar Hagen President,

WI Oil & Gas, Inc.


"Instant Teleseminar" is the backbone of My office uses it to schedule and do interviews.

Mitchell P. Davis & The Yearbook of Experts


Cranking Out Conversion Rates
That Put Email To Shame

Obviously, if you want to make more money while email conversion rates are tumbling, it's time to add something new to the mix...

What would you do to jack up your conversion rates to 10%... 20%... even thirty percent or more?

Got your attention?

Good, because people get results like that every day with teleseminars.


Because it's so much more personal than emails or salesletters!

When you do an event on the phone? your prospects get a visceral... more personal experience than you could ever deliver in writing. They "bond" with you in a powerful way.

And even better, when you start getting "face time" with your prospects during events - and you're giving them live interaction - a funny thing happens...

You make more money!

You'll notice your email conversion rates edge up too.

That's the power of personal marketing. And a good reason to add teleconferences to your mix. Especially if it's easy.

The Surprising Truth About
Sign-Ups Verses Show-Ups

Once you apply the clear-cut rules of effective teleseminar promotion, you're almost home. Now it's time to learn strategies that so few marketers know, you'll have an almost unfair advantage.

Here's something most people don't understand... the psychology of their subscriber.

An informal poll of several colleagues (who do at least one teleseminar a week) shows an average of 27% of people who sign up for a teleseminar actually make the call.

How can you boost that number?

Give your audience what they want.

They want choices.

And once they get them, the pressure is off and they respond in droves.

All you need to do is make it easy for them to participate.

Of particular value to you will be powerful new technology that shows you how to give them choices. Two content delivery mediums, traditional teleconference and Webcast.

Consider this...

During our testing we gathered some interesting data.

The testing protocol was telephone only or telephone and Webcast.

Over several test events, the data showed 65.3% of listeners preferred one medium over the other. No, surprisingly it wasn't the telephone... it was the Webcast! And, to boot, we saw a 56% increase in attendance compared to telephone only!

Fact: Webcasts boost attendance numbers!

That's good news for you, because when you offer your content by phone and live web simulcast, you'll get a bigger audience... and a boon of additional sales you would have missed!

That's why our revolutionary turns more sign-ups into show-ups.

But that's not all. An old marketing saw says: "Early adopters of new marketing mediums have always benefited because new technology is viewed as cool and cutting-edge... and those feelings are transferred to the early adopter."

Do you understand what that means?

If you're riding the new wave... people see you at the forefront of Internet Marketing!

How Much Does Putting On
FREE Teleseminars Cost?

Believe it or not, free teleconference services aren't so free.


Because they aren't set up for marketing.

You have to piecemeal the promotional activities together. If you have a webmaster, that's great. Just setting up a professional looking notification page (squeeze page) can cost as much as a couple of hundred dollars.

Do it yourself? Great, but the problem is... it takes time. Time you could use driving traffic, preparing content, or any of the other marketing activities that go right to the bottom line. What's more important?

Does that mean you can't make money on free services? Of course you can. You just can't make as much.

When you don't have a system in place, it gets frustrating.

All of the steps required to pull off a stellar event take time, effort and a proven system. Forget any one element... or get it done too late, and say goodbye to piles of cash left on the table.

But here's the real kicker...


The Product is user friendly, safe and technology rich. You and your Team should keep up the great work.

Riccardo E. Johnson Sr.

REJ & Associates


I have to tell you that this is the easiest looking thing I've ever seen. You have outdone yourself. I can't thank you enough for making this so easy. I want to have a teleseminar tomorrow just so I can use it. I've put all the info in there and now am just waiting to post it! Thanks again, Terrie.

Terrie Wurzbacher


I’ve used your amazing new “Instant Teleseminar” service every day since I’ve had it! Five Teleseminars have been done in the past five days, but not in a way you think. For one of my joint ventures, we’re using it to create a traffic generation book and training package by “talking” out the product. Simply created an outline of “talking points” to record, and got on the phone and started talking about each point. How could it possibly get any easier? So far, over nine hours of content has been created and is being transcribed. The Teleseminar audios will be packaged with the larger training package, and the transcripts will be edited into book form. This product will be finished in record time all thanks to using your new service. Teleseminars will follow to promote the product. Absolutely incredible that is so easy and can be used in so many different ways! It took me less than 30 minutes to implement the basics of using the system. Ironically, a Starbucks coffee actually costs more than using the Instant Teleseminar service every day! Look forward to continuing to use this valuable new service virtually on a daily basis. Marty Stewart

Marty Stewart


I have done three 5 minute tests this weekend just to learn the system and I have got to say that the system is amazing and works like a charm. I have not yet used it to make money but am really looking forward to doing that and I am REALLY GLAD to have this tool in my arsenal. Also the price is brilliant. Thank you! Keep'em comin'!!!

George Kedourie

Mallorca, Spain


The Days of Free Conference Calling Are Numbered!

Yes, it's true. Recently, AT&T and Cingular began to block access to free conference calling services. Not to mention taking them to court for violations of Federal Communications Commission. (See the recent article by Jacqui Cheng of Ars Technica news.)


Here's how the free conference services work. The leading free services make money by routing calls through a tiny rural phone exchange in Iowa. This exchange allows local carriers to charge a number of subsidies to those who carry the incoming calls (because it's so tiny).

These fees are split between the local exchange and the "free" conference company... which allows them to make a killing.

Unfortunately, the fees for these calls come out of the pockets of the big telecom companies. That means giants like AT&T end up paying millions to these "free" services!

So what you say?

Well, in case you didn't know, telecom companies are highly regulated by the government. It's only a matter of time until these so called free services have to change their model and start charging customers.

Simple, Powerful, Intuitive?
What More Could You Ask For?

Say goodbye to complexity? is incredibly easy to use.

It only takes a few minutes to get started.

First, set up a new event.

Now you can customize the message on your Event Page. Just press the Modify Event Page icon.

Next, set up your notification page. You'll get a response boosting pre-event page to drive your prospects to. You can use the pre-written copy... or revise it so your page is relevant to your audience.

It takes less than 3 minutes to modify the page... but it's so professional, it looks like you spent hours!

That's all you need to do to kick your event into high-gear. Your page is hosted at All you need to do is copy and paste the pre-written email copy and blast it out to your list!

Imagine how curious they'll be when they notice your event is different. Set up questions before the conference and your listeners immediately notice the call is relevant. Not to mention... you get an instant playbook for smoking-hot content.

Or you can add the Q&A section during the event to encourage interaction. Your choice. Test them out and see what's most profitable for you.

Now... the big day is here. Simply click on the Moderator Tools icon and event management becomes a breeze. No more fumbling on the telephone key pad... or forgetting the code to start recording. With, just press a button... and you're recording just like that.

And managing caller questions is effortless. Just select to approve or decline. All your approved questions are within easy reach.

Forget about printing emails or survey campaigns and use your online cockpit to drive you straight to the money-zone.

Of course this is only a simple demo of the robust event management system. But the point is... it's amazingly easy to use, everything is intuitive, and you'll "get it" in under 30 minutes.

I'll even make it irresistible for you to give it a test-run... but one more thing first...


WOW!!!!! Very impressed with how easy it is to set up and promote the call. We have conference calls now, but don't have any way to promote them that's this easy. Also, we can't record the call or replay the call for people to hear. We pay a LOT more money for it and don't have the features that you offer. Will be getting rid of the other system!!

Randy Patton


I bought the InstantTeleseminar while listening to the inauguration of the program. Within an hour after that call, I had two events scheduled. The system is totally user friendly so I needed no help until it was time for the first one to start and I couldn't figure out how to get to the Moderator panel - an email to the Help desk and within an hour I had a quick answer and everything worked fine. The calls went off without a hitch. What a terrific addition to my weekly teleconferences! Thanks!

Ron Boston


It was easy, I set a Event up and emalied to my list. Now it is time to prepare and wait till June first. Thank you. I am real excited about my first Event.

Sandy Dinges


What a great service!! I am just beginning to see the power of this tool.

David Smith

National Sales Director, Ameriplan


Why Everybody's Wrong About
"The Conversion Crisis"

Been to a seminar and talked to people lately? I have. And many are worried. Can't say I blame them... I would be too. If I didn't know this tiny little secret.

You see, "me too" marketers are seeing conversion rates plummet - across the board - while the savvy ones are doing better than ever...


Once you know the answer, you'll have a cleansing "AHA!" moment... at the very least. Ready for the answer?

The difference between the "haves" and the "have nots" these days is relationships.

I'm not talking about relationships with partners, gurus or service providers. I'm talking about giving prospects and customers a closer connection to you.

That's right, marketers with the most responsive lists are the ones who are tight with their subscribers. Not really a stretch is it?

Imagine how you could take a quantum leap in your business by getting closer to your list. Picture subscribers seeing you differently... more respectable, more trusted.

When you're giving them value and connection, they'll pay attention. Close attention. They'll give you value in return.

But even if you're a smoking-hot copywriter and your emails pull in a princely profit... you'll add a whole new dimension to your bottom-line with teleseminars.

That's because the only way to get closer, is being there in person. That's not practical. Plus, how can you get thousands of people together every week? Obviously, teleseminars are the answer to a more personal, yet still mass market communication.

Nine Reasons
Impacts The Bottom-Line FASTER
Than Anything You've Ever Used!

  1. Marketing Savvy: Fail to market, fail to get results. helps you build a promotional page in a heartbeat. Pre-written promotional copy, Royalty-free images and 16 different instant page templates saves you hours of time, or hundreds in outsourcing expenses.

  2. Choices: According to tests, 65.3% of people choose to listen by Webcast than telephone. Maximize choice and boost total attendance, saves listeners long distance charges, and gets your agenda in front of more wallets than ever.

  3. Easy To Master: User friendly interface is push-button friendly. You'll even get a step-by-step tutorial so you'll be putting events together in less than an hour! (And the system prevents you from making mistakes so your event goes smooth and stress-free!) Just fill in a few blanks, that's it.

  4. Instant Content: Use the Question Submission Form before the event to make the content fit the event effortlessly. OR use it during or after the event as an interactive Q&A that involves your audience and gets them taking action. (While you are still in total control of the call.)

  5. Kills Confusion: It's been proven that confusion kills sales, so why don't you kill confusion first? For you? simple controls to command the system. For your attendees, a reminder page to print out (so they show-up) straightforward Webcast listener controls for your event. Calls to action won't be missed, and your audience gets led by the hand to take the action YOU choose.

  6. No Installation: Unlike other webinar services, is hosted on the web. That means there's no messy installation that conflicts with other programs... no maintenance on your part, and takes no space on your hard drive at all!

  7. Call To Action: Add an offer with a link to your promotional page so your listeners go straight to your offers, your opt-in pages or affiliate sales pages. In a test of the system, we added a small call to action and a link prior to the event. The result? A surprising $29,873 in sales before even presenting the product on the call!

  8. No Other System: No other competitor offers a complete Event Management SYSTEM that puts you in total control of all vital functions. Marketing, event management, listener controls... it all works in harmony to save you from embarrassment, needless expense, and hours of time you could use more productively.

  9. Increases Sales: Teleseminars are proven winners for opening up new revenue streams for your list. 200 phone lines and 2000 available webinar lines gives you unprecedented volume so you can build rabid loyalty, attention-grabbing relevance and major league profits.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

By now you know how to harvest more value that lies hidden in your list. And you know the incredible power you'll enjoy with What's more, you know it's tremendously easy to use... even if you have ZERO technical ability.

Imagine your first event. You set it up in a flash. It only took 9 minutes (and you only joined a day ago.) Zap out an email to your list... and wait for the sparks to fly.

Your promotional page engages your audience and the questions are coming in hot and heavy.

You realize you subscribers are responding in droves... rabid in fact.

Kick back and select 5 or 6 questions that will make up the content of your call. Wasn't that easy? Sure beats coming up with something your people really want on your own, right?

Inserting a call to action with a link on that page sure worked out well. You're surprised when you take a peek at your PayPal account... $2731 in sales already!

When your event kicks off, the feeling of triumph courses through your body. Your attendance is even higher than you'd dreamed. The conference is electric. People dig you... and what you're talking about...

And they show their appreciation by whipping out their credit cards in a frenzy to buy. Your PayPal account sends out confirmations like a Las Vegas slot machine churns out jackpot winnings!

By now you know how to harvest more value that lies hidden in your list. And you know the incredible power you'll enjoy with What's more, you know it's tremendously easy to use... even if you have ZERO technical ability.

In the end, you reflect back on it all and wonder why you ever avoided putting on teleseminars all those months... is the only service of its kind. But...


InstantTeleSeminar.Com delivers on its name - it is just a few moments to set something up - it really is that easy I am so glad that Xiosoft has created this product because it has removed all the procrastination barriers to doing it.

Nigel Pendrigh

Living with Abundance www.NigelPendrigh.Com


I can see us using the platform to group train our dealers in mass, plus perform live sales event using the web... The potential with this tool is huge. It will definetly add to our botom line.

Joe Richey


This product has actually made me so excited that I can't wait to run to my computer when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for this. It is not only easy itself but your company as a whole has been easy to work with which is part of the "product" as I see it. Thank you!!

Maureen is a paint-by-the-numbers system so powerful...or better still, it makes "me" so powerful :-) It is easy and intuitive and fast. It automates not only the technology behind hosting a teleseminar, but also the marketing. It also gives you, like never before, a powerful tool to expand your list and monetize your content. And the customer service is top notch, so you are never alone. opens up new possibilities to deliver content and to attract and convert and monetize leads into my business. Now non US markets can be reached because people don't have to incur in the cost of dialing a US number... they can join the event live over the web, and even interact by asking questions on real time. Amazing! Simply amazing.

Leopoldo Alcala


We can't make it available to everybody!

Not yet anyway.

Look... the system was built to be robust. Very robust. But to be conservative, we're only going to roll out slowly. That's because we pride ourselves in world-class customer care, and I need to be conservative to make certain we focus extraordinary attention on you.

So we have to carefully scale up so we avoid over-taxing our customer service. I'm sure they could handle hordes of new customers, but better safe than sorry.

Special Announcement:

To ensure exceptional care, you'll get my PERSONAL cell phone number. If you can't get the answer you need, I'll roll up my sleeves and make sure you do.

This is unprecedented care, and I'm going out on a limb, because it really is my personal phone number... so play nice.

Please limit these calls to customer service questions only, okay?

If you do call, and I'm on the other line, leave a message with your problem, and I'll get right back to you. That's a promise.

Not to mention we are feverishly finishing off some brand new features that make the system even more valuable.

So, you'll be thrilled with this special offer. Because it's so new, it's better to scale up the system slowly... that way we can handle the increased customer service smoothly.

That means, we can only accept the first 500 Charter Members into the fold.

Here's What Charter Members Get...

  • Membership Special - Try it out for a full three weeks for only $1!
  • Renews at $47 a month, that's a mere $1.57 a day!
  • 200 Line Teleconference for those listeners who prefer the phone
  • 2000 Line Webinar - Over 65% of listeners prefer webinars
  • 16 Notification Page Templates - customize it in 3 minutes!
  • Pre-Written Promotional Copy (You can tweak if you wish)
  • Notification Page Publishing at the push of a button
  • Question Submission Form for easy content creation and Q&A
  • Easy to understand interface so it's simple to use
  • The ONLY marketing focused conference service on the planet!

As we scale up, we'll have to add more computing power and more bandwidth - which means the price WILL be going up.

If you're at all interested in driving new rivers of revenue to your online business, you need to act now!

For a short while, it's only a dollar to give this powerful system a 3 week test drive and see for yourself.


Okay, I'm pulling out all the stops so you'll get the most out of your Charter Membership. When I started thinking about it, I realized that perhaps you have never put on a teleseminar. Or, you did one, and it didn't work out as well as planned.

So here's what I'm going to do for you?

In addition to the entire Event Management System, you'll get cutting-edge training too.

That's right, you'll get LIVE access to a three call series that gives you the step-by-step formula to putting on your own mega-profitable teleseminars.

You'll be armed and dangerous with proven tactics guaranteed to make your teleseminar as easy as falling out of a chair! Now you can go for broke and get into gear... faster than a speeding bullet. What are you waiting for?

That's right. Become a Charter Member today and you'll get access to for a full 7 days for only $1!

But if you delay, I can't promise you'll get in for the $1 special offer.

If you don't feel Xiosofts lives up to its promise, you can just cancel and you'll only be out one hundred pennies...

But once you get into the groove and see a windfall or two, I'm confident you'll stick with it. Who wouldn't?

So go ahead, set yourself up for colossal success.

Sign up for your 21 day $1 trial right now before we close it off FOREVER!

To Your Event Profit Stream,

Rick Raddatz

P.S. Obviously, big hitters use teleseminars. I'm sure you've been on a few. Why do they bother? Naturally because they work. Now you can short-cut the painful process they endured while learning the ropes. Take advantage of your three week $1 trial, get your training, and find out for yourself.



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